Various things to run in Terminal on a new Mac (Updated)

Get rid of the annoying network stores: defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true stop telling me shit I already know: defaults write LSQuarantine -bool NO Put Screenshots in their own Directory on the Desktop mkdir ~/Desktop/Screenshots defaults write location ~/Desktop/Screenshots

  • Set a Login Message: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ LoginwindowText "Room17: Unauthorized Access Prohibited" * Disable saving to iCloud defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSDocumentSaveNewDocumentsToCloud -bool FALSE * Disable Dashboard `defaults write com.

Turner’s Presentation at re:Invent 2016

My VP, Michael Koetter, gave a presentation in the Media Track at re:Invent on the AWS-based Content Supply Chain we’re building. You can check it out here: Plus a Link to where you can see one of my diagrams:


Is apparently not large enough to run wordpress and mysql. Thus, the issues with this site being down. Plus I generally neglect to post anything here.

AWS New Account Config

We’re getting ready to deploy our first production workload in AWS, and our AWS account team recommended we enable a bunch of auditing on our accounts in each region. That is a lot of clicking for 9 regions across three accounts. This script will configure AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config Service in all regions, configure the logging bucket, and establish a reasonable password policy. Amazon is about to release 3 (or four) more regions in Ohio, England, Korea and India.

PrimeHarbor Technologies

I’m available for cloud consulting services under PrimeHarbor Technologies. Services available: Standards, Policy and Baseline development Cloud Strategy Multi-Account strategy, practices & governance IAM Guardrail automation Speaking Contact Info:


I’ve created an account on github. You can find my work (and mock me for it) here: XKCD

The Rumors of my demise….

… are not that exaggerated. I have a three year old, I have a job that discourages political blogging. I’m not doing that much that is interesting. Except that I am doing cool shit at work and I should be more willing to talk about it. So I will start posting here more. The first bit of news is that I’ve stuck a stake in the heart of Prime Harbor, and I’m no redirecting that site here.

Chef on a Raspberry Pi

So OpsCode (or now GetChef) doesn’t have an omnibus installer for the ARM/Raspberry Pi, but it’s pretty easy to get it setup. Start with the base default Raspbian (stretch) and get it where you can ssh. Run the following on the Pi: sudo apt-get install ruby bundler sudo gem install chef —verbose Then on your workstation this to bootstrap: knife bootstrap -N NODENAME -x pi -P raspberry –sudo IP_of_rPi You need to set the nodename explicitly as the hostname under raspbian is “raspberrypi” and you probably want something else.