iPhone, iPad and PCs

So Read-it-later is a webs service that allows you to book mark articles to read later. The did an interesting analysis of what people read when and on what devices. Their results compare pretty much to my usage profile for the iPhone and iPad.

The iPad is a couch consumption device. I use it for reading email, quick email replies, reading facebook, surfing the web, and as an e-reader. I don’t find it good for creating content out side of the most basic snark-attacks on someone’s wall.

The iPhone for me, before it started sucking wind, was what the Read it Later people say it was – a downtime device. Something to due while waiting in line, stuck in traffic, or during a boring meeting.

When I want to do real content creation, I do it on my Mac. Nothing beats a full-sized keyboard, a 27″ monitor, multiple windows open, etc.

That is why I don’t expect Apple to do away with their MacOSX product line. iOS is great for consumption. OSX is great for creation. Sure some guy claims he edited a movie on his iPad. That means it can be done, not that that is the way it should be done.