Moving From Wordpress to S3 and Hugo

Anyone who follows my blog (and that’s none of you) would notice I rarely find time to post. Since moving my blog from Linode to AWS EC2 a few years ago I’ve spent way more time patching WordPress than writing in it. MySQL would run out of memory and crash, leaving my blog down for days on end. I never use the bloggy features of Wordpress since the only folks who ever commented were spammers.

First thoughts on WordPress 3.0

When I saw the release announcement on WordPress 3.0 (Thelonious), I was excited to see that is was finally integrating in the WordPressMu project allowing one installation of wordpress to handle multiple blogs. I maintain several websites and blogs in wordpress, and have struggled with the operational best practices surrounding it. I was quite excited to see the multisite support so I decided to deploy a VM at the house to test out migration of all my sites to a single install.

My first wordpress plugin?

So I think I’ve finally found need to actually write my own plugin. Basically it is a “Moderate” button that will appear to certain WP users next to each comment. When clicked it will place the comment into a special moderated queue which will be visible to moderators, but not to the general public. I’ll probably use Role Manger to create a moderator user class and assign them the capabilities of Subscriber, and an additional capability for moderation.

ALE WordPress talking points

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WordPress Captcha

Here is a good captcha anti-comment-spam tool for wordpress Make sure to note This comment which has the fix for WordPress 2.0. If you don’t then the captcha is there, but any value will still allow a post. This looks to be an even better version

Nifty Little WP plugins

LiveJournal CrossPoster allows me to selectively cross post entries in this blog an Vital Powers over to my livejournal. Will suck down the ics file from Google calendar and display it on a page.