Yay ViaTalk

I can’t wait for some time to play with this After over six months of development and testing, ViaTalk is proud to announce the release of ViaTalk Mobile, a free application for the Apple iPhone that allows you complete control of your home phone service in the palm of your hand. With this application, you can set up call forwarding, access your voicemail, set special routing options, control security and privacy settings, view call logs, and return calls right from your cell phone.

Trixbox Issues

The Web GUI can’t read /var/run/asterisk/asterisk.ctl, chmod 777 fixes System Recordings can’t copy files to the /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom/ directory. Not sure the root cuase, but the recorded wav files are /tmp/EXT-ivrrecording.wav where EXT is the extention that dialed *77

Cheap second line – SIPPhone.com

So I’ve been wanting to find a cheap second phone line I could use for the Republican Liberty Caucus. At first I was going to go with FreeWorldDialup and LibreTel for a sip service and DID number, but it turns out LibreTel isn’t selling lines anymore. Bummer. Then I found SipPhone. They are another SIP PC-to-PC calling service, but they offer DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers for $12 per 3 months.

Cisco 7960 and ViaTalk

So I wanted to get a BYOD voip provider to move my vongage line to. One of the guys at work sent me a referral from ViaTalk. For $200 I get 2 years of service for about $16/mo. Unlimited minutes, voicemail, etc. Well, when I tried to configure ViaTalk on the Cisco 7960 (firmware 8.3) the phone would lock up after about 12 minutes and require a powercycle to reboot. Not good.

Cisco 7960 Phones

So work has all these Cisco 7960 phones (ever see 24?) that are sitting in a box. Here are instructions for installing the SIP image and getting rid of the annoying SCCP image.