Wandering in a Winter Wonderland

The fine folks at HackCon invited me to Oslo to speak at their security conference. You can find the cloud security ramblings elsewhere on this site; this post is another in my series of practical advice for traveling outside the US.

HackCon was held in Oslo, Norway (cool) in February (wait, what?), and I’m happy to report I made it back home with all my fingers and toes and didn’t freeze to death.


Our final trip this year was to Morocco. We flew AirFrance from ATL to CDG, then from CDG to Marrakech. In Morocco, we spent two days in Marrakech, took the train to Tangier, then a Grand Taxi to Chefchaouen for an overnight, then back to Tangier and Casablanca. Our flight home had an 18-hour layover in Paris, so we also got a little bit of sightseeing there. Many blogs talk about backpacking or visiting Morocco, but they always leave out a few practical details that I wish I’d known before leaving.

Adventures in post-pandemic Asian travel.

I found myself taking a new job this fall. One surprising aspect of that job was they had scheduled a company all-hands in Kuala Lumpur (KL) in mid-September. So after our family trip to Amsterdam, Finland, Sweden, and Estonia, I now had a trip to South East Asia on my calendar. This post is mainly intended as random travel advice for visiting Malaysia, flying SkyTeam, dealing with internet access, etc. There will be minimal if any, cloud security content.

Adventures in post-pandemic travel

This will be the first in a series of travel-related posts. I found a distinct lack of information on the internet about some specific logistical things around international travel. I hope these posts are useful to whoever finds them via some Google-fu.

This summer, myself, my wife, and the 10-year-old are on a three-country, four-city tour of the Baltics. We picked this itinerary because 1) we found a good price on Delta One, and 2) at the time we booked it, we wanted to visit some countries that geopolitical affairs might make impossible in the future. So we’re going to Finland, Sweden, and Estonia!