Various things to run in Terminal on a new Mac (Updated)

Get rid of the annoying network stores: defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true stop telling me shit I already know: defaults write LSQuarantine -bool NO Put Screenshots in their own Directory on the Desktop mkdir ~/Desktop/Screenshots defaults write location ~/Desktop/Screenshots

  • Set a Login Message: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ LoginwindowText "Room17: Unauthorized Access Prohibited" * Disable saving to iCloud defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSDocumentSaveNewDocumentsToCloud -bool FALSE * Disable Dashboard `defaults write com.

iPhone, iPad and PCs

So Read-it-later is a webs service that allows you to book mark articles to read later. The did an interesting analysis of what people read when and on what devices. Their results compare pretty much to my usage profile for the iPhone and iPad. The iPad is a couch consumption device. I use it for reading email, quick email replies, reading facebook, surfing the web, and as an e-reader. I don’t find it good for creating content out side of the most basic snark-attacks on someone’s wall.

So you bricked your iPad

When I decided to un-jailbreak my iPad and remove Cydia, I did a “Erase all Content and Settings” via the Apple Settings App. This however caused the iPad to no longer boot. Apparently it erased lots of data, but it did not restore some of the boot processes. On a Cydia jailbroken iPad, there are two bars of pixled colors during the boot apple screen. These were present on the boot screen after I erased all the content.

The iPad Will Be The Best Thing To Happen For Desktop Virtualization & VDI Adoption

More iPad tastiness – “The iPad Will Be The Best Thing To Happen For Desktop Virtualization & VDI Adoption” – Liberty Technology Blog. Excellent read on the iPad as a desktop virtualization thin client. If you’ve seen any science fiction (StarTrek, Babylon 5, etc) they all use iPad/tablet like computers. The traditional laptop/desktop form factor requires you working at a desk. If you’re doing anything standing up, normal computers fail.

Quick thoughts on VMware Fusion 3

So about 20 days after I get my stuff (new HD, Snow Leopard, Fusion2) to upgrade my MacBook Pro (one of the first intel models) VMware goes and releases Fusion 3. I was just outside the free upgrade window. Bah! I’d installed Fusion, created me an Ubuntu and XP Guest, and verified I had installed all the windows apps I might need in an emergency (ie VSphere 4 client). Fusion2 had some nice features.