ubuntu preseeding

Preseeds are poorly documented. This is a note to myself on how to reproduce an install sudo apt-get install debconf-utils # It is part of the debconf-utils package. debconf-get-selections –installer > somefile.txt debconf-get-selections » somefile.txt “ via [ubuntu] preseeding installation 8.10 – how to preseed “encrypted directory” prompt? – Ubuntu Forums.

Synergy rdesktop shift issue

So there is a bug in Synergy where if you’ve got a Windows box as a synergy client, and you attempt to rdp/rdesktop to another windows box from that windows-synergy-client box, the Right Shift key doesn’t work. The following command will map the right shift to the left shift in X and work around this bug: xmodmap -e “keycode 62 = Shift_L NoSymbol Shift_L NoSymbol Shift_L” You may want to run xev and make sure your right-shift is keycode 62.