Geek to do

List of geek projects: Rebuild my MythTV box using 0.20 and fixing some of the DB issues. Rebuild Halsey to raid 1 the two 250GB drives and dump mp3s and system backups to the 300GB USB disk (or yank the old DDT drive) Get rid of old computer crap on Craigslist Write Legifax Work on the SIP directory for the 7960 phones. Find a BYOD SIP provider, port vonage #

Yet another Blog

So I’ve created this blog for two purposes. The first is a test bed to play with different wordpress themes and plugins. The second is to provide an easy way to post geek related stuff I do and have it indexed by search engines in the hopes of providing help to others who might be doing similar weird things with technology. Don’t expect frequent updates or techno-philosophical discussions. The latter will get posted to Vital Powers.

Kitchen Project

Ok, I’m declaring mission accomplished. The kitchen is done. I’ve moved the breakable back in. Its over. Total cost came in at a bit over $2000 – including about $200 in new tools. I started it on May 24th, and expected it to be mostly complete by the end of Memorial day weekend. Instead its almost a month later. sigh. [ ]2 Skip to page 6 to see the finished process.