Moving From Wordpress to S3 and Hugo

Anyone who follows my blog (and that’s none of you) would notice I rarely find time to post. Since moving my blog from Linode to AWS EC2 a few years ago I’ve spent way more time patching WordPress than writing in it. MySQL would run out of memory and crash, leaving my blog down for days on end. I never use the bloggy features of Wordpress since the only folks who ever commented were spammers. And my t2.micro was costing me around $7/month. (1)

My latest iteration of this blog is now serverless!!! Aren’t I cool! I’m not using a lambda or api-gateway, but I am relying on S3 as my hosting platform.

The software I’m using runs locally. It’s called Hugo and it statically renders Markdown files according to the theme I’ve configured. The rendered files are then sync’ed to S3. Source files are stored in codecommit.

Hugo has a local render mode that launches a http server on localhost:1313 so I can preview my content in a browser as I write. It’s incredibly responsive and will reload the browser page as soon as I click save. The theme is a darkened version of a travel blog theme, so I can even keep my travel photo banners I had on my old site.

Rather than doing comments I think I’ll use the sharing links to share my posts to LinkedIn or Twitter. That’s where everyone is anyway.

I still want to tweak the color scheme a bit. Hyperlinks don’t standout as much as I’d like, and bold text really doesn’t jump out the way I’d like.

(1) Also my new role at Turner is in Information Security, and it wouldn't look good if my own website was pushing out malware.