Crater Lake Oregon, July 2019

Tailscale in the Enterprise

I feel like the phrase “disruptor” is an overused, Valley-Bro trope. However I can’t think of a better phrase to describe Tailscale, and what it will do to the enterprise firewall and VPN market for the security 99%.

I cannot recall the number of times I’ve come across cloud resources that are exposed to the world because the dev team didn’t have the time or resources to implement a solution, and the infosec team was so absorbed in their on-prem mindset that they were years behind where the developers wanted to be.

Tailscale democratizes network connectivity & security like AWS did for infrastructure and infrastructure security. This is going to force massive change in how network engineers and security practitioners operate. It will threaten organizational fiefdoms. It’s going to impact the number of Palo Alto golf outings your CISO will get invited to.

My latest piece at outlines where I think your enterprise curmudgeons will object to this new technology, and how you as a champion of innovation can counter their objections.