Yet another reason not to trust “the cloud”

Courtesy of Intuit Works to Restore Online Access –

Intuit Inc. said it is trying to restore service to company websites affected by an outage that began Tuesday night, leaving consumers and small businesses without access to online versions of the company's accounting and tax software.

Intuit’s products include TurboTax, Quicken and the QuickBooks accounting program used by many small businesses. The online services associated with those products remained offline Wednesday afternoon.

A company spokeswoman said it hadn't yet identified the cause of the outage, but ruled out a cyber attack. Some Intuit websites were beginning to come back online late Wednesday afternoon, she added…..

While many small businesses have their own issues with disaster recovery, the fact that all your critical data is stuck on a server you have no access to should be a source of concern. I’ve not used their online products, but if you can’t export your data to a Quickbooks file for use on your PC, you’re just asking for trouble.