Installing MythTV on SuSE 10.2

My root filesystem died on my MythTV server while I was sick last week. After spending a good bit of time trying to recover the data, I lost my database and mythtv build. Document I followed to get MythTV Installed and ivtv modules working using this document. This document has the package repository used: This command worked to get the ivtv driver to load: sudo rpm -Uhv ivtv-fb loaded without issues.

MythTV Rebuild

Wow, MythTV is a pain in the ass to build. Luckly I found a site that had OpenSuSE 10.2 rpms. That made it easier. I still had to copy over my config files from the old MythTV build. I had to manually alter the recording tables to copy the data from the old system to the new database. The following query was used to compare settings from the old settings table and the new settings table: