Deploying Terraform using CodePipeline

There is no canonical way to use Terraform in CodeBuild, with CodePipeline as the method to review plans before applying them. This post defines a Cloudformation template and the buildspec files needed to create a CodePipeline that runs terraform plan, allows a human to review it, then runs terraform apply.


Our final trip this year was to Morocco. We flew AirFrance from ATL to CDG, then from CDG to Marrakech. In Morocco, we spent two days in Marrakech, took the train to Tangier, then a Grand Taxi to Chefchaouen for an overnight, then back to Tangier and Casablanca. Our flight home had an 18-hour layover in Paris, so we also got a little bit of sightseeing there. Many blogs talk about backpacking or visiting Morocco, but they always leave out a few practical details that I wish I’d known before leaving.

Bitcoin for Old People

I did not get in on Bitcoin when it was getting started. I thought it had some interesting libertarian principles, but I was skeptical of all computer software and determined that it was only one software flaw or mathematical proof away from being rendered completely worthless. Lets face it, entire empires have fallen due to misplaced faith in their cryptographic capabilities. Bitcoin was just too risky. With the collapse of another crypto-currency exchange, and the release of Andy Greeenberg’s new book Tracers in the Dark: The Global Hunt for the Crime Lords of Cryptocurrency, I decided it was worth spending a few hours and AWS credits to check out this blockchain all the crypto-bros are raving about.

AWS pre:Invent 2022

My third annual pre:Invent roundup is posted over on Steampipe’s blog. You can also check out 2021 and 2020 if you’re so inclined.

Back in 2018, I wrote a semi-serious post on what you as a security practitioner should be looking for as it relates to re:Invent announcements.

There were a few hot-takes that didn’t warrant mention on my work post, so I’ll include them here for your general amusement.