So a few months ago I started thinking about virtualization and the future of my profession (System Administration). So much of the hassle we have involves software compatibility issues with libraries and the code that runs on it.

My thoughts were that is would be much easier if, instead of big OSes with lots of services running on it, we had a micro-distribution running just a single application. A DNS or Mail server could be shipped as a virtual appliance with some form of hooks for shared storage via NFS or MySQL for its configuration information.

Welp, the folks monitoring the chip in my head took that idea and created JeOS (pronounced Juice). Just Enough OS is the term for my micro-distribution. And trolling though Ubuntu’s site today I discovered they’ve got a JeOS version.

With the accelerated nature of the Virtualization Project I’ve got going at work I’m not gonna propose JeOS at this time. Heck, I’m not sure I’ll even have time to bring the P2V’ed servers up to the latest LTS release, much less split up services and migrate to a different edition. But I do plan to play with it some, and may propose it to IT for the radius server we’ll need to build.