The BabyDragon & vSphere musings…..

$1500 for a new ESXi server for vSphere 4.1 is a bit high. Unlike this guy, I have a lab in the basement so decibles aren’t as important as capex and opex costs.

Plus, to have a lab in the basement where I can do things with a cluster would require two of these beasties. Running a second on the iMac i7 probably won’t cut it. Last time I needed a lab for something it was because a network change crapped out 1/4 of my primary vSwitch.

I think I’d like to do a mock-up of the vCluster configs we have at work, then randomly shoot components to see how it fails. The network change issue was unexpected. Losing 1 out of the 4 strands of the portchannel going to a vswitch should not have cause the outage, however brief it was.

Meet My ESXi Server, the BabyDragon. | Error404 – Its A Blog.